On January 26, 2024, the European Commission adopted a proposal amending the RIS Directive 2005/44/EC. The objective is to enhance traffic management on the EU’s rivers and canals by modernizing key provisions, aligning with the EU Green Deal and Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

This initiative responds to the broader strategy, NAIADES III action plan, to shift cargo transportation to Europe’s inland waterways.

The proposed amendments address traffic information and management, updates on waterways and infrastructure conditions, voyage planning, and reporting to authorities across approximately 13,000 km of interconnected waterways in 12 EU Member States.

The proposal focuses on digitalization, efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and modal shift, aiming to provide a framework for RIS deployment, ensuring data availability, and harmonizing technical specifications.

The text of the proposal and the impact assessment can be found on the Commission’s website.