The Constanța Port launched a new project to create solar energy using a floating PV system installed in berth 99 as part of the 19 demonstrations of the PIONEERS project with a focus on the production, storage, and delivery of renewable energy.

The device can survive waves with an amplitude of one meter and produce 15,000 kWh yearly. Its mobility makes it special since it can be relocated to locations where electricity is required. Using the energy generated by this cutting-edge technology, the Maritime Ports Administration Constanța plans to supply electricity in the vicinity of berth 99 and its extension for public illumination and tugboats.

The system enables simple distant data transmission and is made up of floaters, an anchoring system, a staff-accessible platform, equipment for installing cables, solar panels, and energy storage systems. It might be expanded to include all of Constanța Port’s unlit sections, depending on how the new project develops.