The CCNR thanks all the participating parties  – led by the EICB, among which was the EBU – for the elaboration of a preparatory study on the topic of financing of greening for the inland navigation sector.

With our support, the preparatory study identified main questions to be addressed in more detail, relating to different items such as triggers and financial drivers for a positive decision by ship owners to invest in technologies contributing to zero emission performance, the potential of ‘pay-per-use’, leasing schemes and joint procurement for the IWT market, expectations in relation to national and European programmes and products providing funding and financing, the ‘polluter pays’ principle, etc.

Based on this preparatory study, the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) was able to decide, during its spring plenary session of 29 May 2019, to launch a CCNR main study on “The financing of the energy transition for a zero emission European inland navigation sector”. By its decision, the May plenary session aimed to take an important first step in the implementation of an essential chapter of the Mannheim Declaration setting the objective, to the extent possible, of ending emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants by 2050 and instructing the CCNR to encourage the development of new financial instruments for achieving this objective. A specific objective of the work ahead would be to be able to integrate the findings of the study into the European Union’s multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027..

The CCNR aims to initiate the study as soon as possible to have its results already available in the second semester of 2020.