The portfolio guarantees products, as an InvestEU implementing partner, encourage investments in the EU’s policy priorities from 2022 to 2027. In its capacity as guarantor, the EIF protects financial intermediaries from credit risk by providing portfolio (counter-) guarantees.

These are offered in the form of a capped or uncapped guarantee, and they will cover a portion of the credit risk of qualified debt financing transactions granted to predefined groups of ultimate recipients and included in the portfolio(s).

Financial intermediaries who qualify

Entities, both public and private, including but not limited to:

  • credit or financial institutions, alternative lenders, and leasing companies can provide guarantees.
  • counter-guarantee schemes, counter-guarantee institutions or other companies, credit or financial institutions formed or functioning in EU Member States and outside areas (OTCs).

How can you join InvestEU as a Financial Intermediary?

Under InvestEU, an applicant may become a financial intermediary if:

  • it meets the formal criteria outlined in the Call for Expressions of Interest; it completes and submits its application, as outlined in Annex I below, within the deadline and in accordance with all provisions outlined in the Call;
  • it is chosen by the EIF as a potential financial intermediary under InvestEU to implement one or more InvestEU Portfolio Guarantee Products, as outlined in the Call; and it enters into the relevant (counter-)contract.

Application deadline: 30 June 2027


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