Do you want to be at the forefront of inland shipping’s decarbonization by adapting your fleet?


In response to this EU call, Fraunhofer CML is putting up a strong consortium. The four-year project will showcase several energy efficiencies retrofits for inland ships (solar power, hybrid propulsion, air lubrication, friction-reduction coatings, and speed optimization) with the goal of reducing fuel consumption by 35%. The consortium is still looking for a ship owner that is interested in participating in the project and demonstrating (or partially demonstrating) the technology. A for-profit project partner would be eligible for a 60% (up to 75%) funding rate on their project expenditures. You may be a first mover in decarbonizing inland shipping by participating in a disruptive research initiative like AIRCOAT. They are working on a tight deadline, with the proposal due on April 26th, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated.


Contact if you are interested.