As from January 1st 2023, the disposal fee on oily- and greasy waste (Part A, CDNI) will be raised again to €10,00 per 1000L bunkered gasoil. This decision has been made end of June by the Conference of the Contracting Parties (CPC).

Several factors prompted the Contracting Parties to decide on this increase.

  • Constantly escalating collection, reception and treatment costs for oily and greasy waste in a situation of unprecedented inflation: the current general economic situation, combined with the war in Ukraine, which has resulted in an energy price explosion within just a few weeks is having a serious impact on the system, and will continue to do so.
  • The need to consolidate the system’s financial structure: the increase in the amount to €8.50 is barely at break-even level, and even then only temporarily, with the system remaining in a fragile state
  • The desire to continue delivering high quality services. It is important to keep an efficient system to meet the environmental obligations.

During de CDNI-hearing prior to the CPC, EBU/ESO insisted on a comprehensive explanatory document with a weighting of the reasons by the CDNI secretariat. It is important that the system needs to be reconsidered from a longer term perspective. Also an comparison based on the pre-COVID figures would give an insight if the proposal for a new raise is mainly driven by the current circumstances or it is more fundamental into the system itself.


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