The sector takes the chance to express its views

More than 90 participants from the employers’ and workers’ sides were present at the online sector consultation on the standards for a European Manning Regulation on 14 December 2022. Many member companies of EBU and ESO were represented and participated actively in the survey as well as in the discussion.

The consultation was organised and carried out jointly by EBU/ESO and ETF under the auspices of CESNI.

A big thank you to the Chair of CESNI/QP/Crew and the CESNI Secretariat for their great support in the preparation and realisation of this event!

Participants could take part in interactive voting on all topics under discussion via wooclap, as well as express their opinions in spoken contributions and in writing in the chat. The topics included, for example, one-person vessel operation, modes of operation, the classification of vessel lengths, rest periods or the difficult question of mandatory rest days for the entrepreneur.

All in all, we have a good picture now of opinions on the issues discussed, which will be very useful in the further work of CESNI/QP/Crew. A first discussion of the social partners already showed that the results provide a very good basis for joint positions of EBU/ESO and ETF.

We will continue to inform you about the progress of the development of the standards. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Author: Andrea Beckschäfer