As part of the ENTRANCE project, we want to share with you a report on ‘’Innovations in Logistics’’ of December 2021.

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“This paper is the result of a research conducted by three MSc students of the University of Groningen – Rutger Bijl, Nathan Jonker and Sven Markus; under the supervision of the program managers of TKI Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics); and professors from the University of Groningen, University of Twente, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The goal of this research is to present an overview of innovative cross-company logistical applications related to the three priority themes from the research agenda of Topsector Logistics.

These priority themes are:

  1. Supply Chain Coordination
    a. Supply Chain Visibility
    b. Sharing and Matching
    c. Digital Supply Ecosystems
  2. Sustainable Logistics
    a. Report
    b. Reduce
    c. Avoid
  3. Data Driven Logistics
    a. Cybersecurity
    b. Data Sharing
    c. Human Interaction
    d. Business Models

Data has been gathered by means of interviews with industry experts and researchers in combination with literature and web research. As there was a limited amount of time available for this research, the cases that are presented in this paper do not cover an exhaustive list of logistical innovations, rather, the researchers have opted to select cases that seem to contribute to the next steps within their priority theme. Based on the cases that have been investigated, per priority theme, sub-themes have been identified to be able to present the cases in a structured manner.”

(Source: Introduction Innovations in logistics – report December 2021)