The Swedish Presidency paid a visit to the European Parliament’s TRAN Committee on January 31 through Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing with responsibility for Transportation. The Swedish Presidency will concentrate on coming to a conclusion on transport-related issues that are presently being addressed at the Council level as part of the Fit for 55 package, such as fuel maritime and the ReFuelEU aircraft initiative, the minister emphasized during the meeting.

The MEPs who spoke in favor of the presidency’s ambitious work program, which includes advancing the Single European Skies issue, took the floor. There have also been calls for the TEN-T networks to be implemented as quickly as possible, with military mobility being a crucial factor.

The best way for the EU to address many of its problems was through close collaboration with the Commission and the Parliament. The state of security must be prioritized. The Union had united, moved quickly, and worked cooperatively to support Ukraine, as Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, in charge of Transport stated.

The energy and transportation markets in the EU would still be affected by the war. Additionally, initiatives to promote economic growth must continue. Industrial output, which was closely linked to the single market’s continued smooth operation, was crucial to Europe’s strength, adaptability, and worldwide stature.

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